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The Strong Bonds website has been divided into four main sections:

Parents & Carers

Here you'll find help sheets, useful links, suggested reading and real life stories, based on the following topic, to help you support your young person through hard times.

Understanding the Problem

Handling the Situation

Understanding the Reasons

Your Feelings

Young People from Other Cultures

(Available in English, Arabic and Vietnamese)

Need a Helping Hand?

Real Life Stories


This section of the site includes training material and useful resources specifically for workers in relation to 'family-aware' youth work practice based on the following topics:

Understanding Families

Working with Young People

Professional Issues

Working with Families

Families from Other Cultures



Find out more about the Strong Bonds website, including it's aims and rationale.

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"I think back on all the things I did wrong. I feel sorry for James. I don’t think I will ever let go of my guilt but I know I need to learn to deal with it."
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