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Your Feelings

Feelings of anger, anxiety, guilt and saddness are common when you're worried about someone you love. Confronting your feelings and looking realistically at your situation can make you feel more accepting of both yourself and your child.

Feeling Guilty

It is common for parents to feel guilty when their children experience problems in their lives but these feelings can be a barrier to making things better. Try to accept that you are doing your best and that you will make mistakes from time to time. You'll be a better parent if you do.
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Dealing with Past Hurts and Traumas

If you have experienced a traumatic time, you will suffer for a while. But it is possible to recover, build coping skills, and bring enjoyment back to your life. If you are afraid to let yourself start dealing with your grief and trauma, it may be time to ask for professional help.
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When Your Life is on Hold

For your own sake, and your young person's, you need to look after yourself and live your own life. If you are healthy and relaxed, you will be better at supporting your young person through their hard times. If you want your children to respect and feel good about themselves, and enjoy good health and wellbeing, you need to do the same.
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Keeping Calm

When you have a child you are constantly worried about, it can very stressful. You may notice that you get very angry or distressed even when something small happens. Try to recognise when you are in the grip of a strong emotion, and learn how to control your reactions.
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Feeling Blamed

Parents often feel blamed by their children and by others in the community when things do not go well for their young person. Parents should take appropriate responsibility for their own actions, but it should not tip into over-responsibility for their child's situation and behaviour.
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"I realise now that I need to approach problems concerning my son with calm. At least one of us needs to try to be rational."
Need a Helping Hand?
Often it helps to talk to someone about your feelings. You may be helped to understand why you might have made a decision or acted in the way that you did. Use our service directory to find an organisation offering practical help in your area.

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