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Need a Helping Hand?

Many families find the process of trying to get help for their child and family overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and disheartening. You may find it hard to know where to start to look for help. Use this section of the site to help you understand the types of help available.

Types of Help Available

There are many organisations and programs that exist to help young people and their families. Due to the nature of the service system, one of the difficulties you may find is that services, funding and workers change regularly. The help sheets in this section provide some practical ideas for getting the help you need for your young person and your family.
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Dealing with Services

A range of services is available to support young people and their families but you may find that only a few are able to address your particular needs. It can take a bit of persistence to find the right service for your child or family. Websites, brochures, personal recommendations or just starting to ring around are all good places to start.
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Service Directory

Use our service directory to find out more about the ranges of services available to support young people and their families. The directory includes links to websites on drug use and mental illness as well as recommended reading on parenting for children of all ages.
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"Martin didn�t come home last night and I can�t let go of the worry. I want to break the cycle but I don�t know where to start."
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