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It's often hard to figure out the best way to support a young person in relation to family difficulties. Helping the young person to become autonomous and to also maintain connections with family can be a big challenge for workers.

Family connectedness is a significant protective factor against a range of health-risk behaviours in adolescence. Young people with complex needs often need help to maintain family relationships, especially in times of conflict or hardship. Even when relationships with family are highly problematic, the links still exist and need to be recognised and validated in any interventions.

The Strong Bonds website offers useful information to help you support families and young people through hard times, so that you can keep making a difference to their health and well-being.
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Strong Bonds is a project of Jesuit Social Services.

Jesuit Social Services works collaboratively with others to engage disadvantaged individuals, families and communities and the wider society to promote health and wellbeing and to address social exclusion.

We do this by forming relationships as a basis for effective, holistic interventions, by building social capital and by effecting social change through social policy, advocacy and research.

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Understanding families
Impact of family issues on adolescents
Family dynamics
A simple guide to genograms
Family development and transition points
Role of family in adolescent development
Working with Young People
Discussing family
Improving family relations
Dealing with 'black and white thinking'
Reframing feelings about family
When contact with family is harmful
Working with Families
When/how to involve family members
Involving disengaged family members
Talking to families of young people with
complex needs
Professional Issues
Family-aware youth work practice
When to refer and to whom
Family origin
Confidentiality and duty of care issues
Effective assessment of family information
at intake
Agency guidelines
Families from other Cultures
Working with CLD young people and their families
Engaging with CLD families
Developing cultural competency
Refugees, trauma and loss
A simple guide to eco-maps
at intake
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