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Use our service directory to find out more about the ranges of services available to support young people and their families as well as information on parenting young people.

Parenting information and resources

Drug use

  • Family Drug Help
    Helpline: 1300 660 068
    24 hour phone counselling service for family members affected by another's drug use. Website has useful resources and links to other websites. Service also provides support groups and newsletters.

  • Directline
    Helpline: 1800 888 236
    24 hour counselling and referral line for people with drug and alcohol problems and those affected, such as family.

  • Youth Substance Abuse Service
    Helpline: 03 9418 1020
    24 hour counselling, support and referral for 12 to 21 year olds.

  • Australian Drug Foundation
    Helpline: 1300 858 584
    For information on drugs, dealing with a family member, and treatment services.

  • Victorian Government
    This site provides information on how to get help for a substance abuse problem.

Mental health

Suicidal thoughts

Other service directories

  • Infoxchange Service Seeker
    The Infoxchange Service Seeker provides information about required services based on your needs and location.

"After a few months of searching, we�ve found a counsellor who is good for Martin. I wish they'd tell me what's going on, though."
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Real Life Stories
Yolanda's Story"My twenty-one year old daughter has a problem with heroin and prescription drugs. She did a rapid detox one time. Even in the first week after the detox, I knew it hadn't completely fixed things because she was using a bit, but then she seemed to get better."

Yolanda's Story
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